Offering a Distinctive Approach
to Your Investments

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure our clients know what they own and achieve investment success through owning a portfolio of well-known companies. With our clients in mind, we strive to create portfolios that have an average beta (measure of volatility) that is less than that of the market as a whole. We also strive to enhance the income of our clients by selling out of the money covered call options in many of the portfolios we manage.

The Constitution Investment Advisory & Portfolio Management (CIAPM) team has combined experience of more than 100 years in helping clients achieve their financial goals. We are proud to have served the investment needs of individuals and families extending through two, three and four generations. We are dedicated to serving our clients at the highest level possible. The team works hard every day to earn our clients’ confidence and trust. We also take great pride that, in more than 50 years for Tony, and as long as Greg and Rob have worked in the investment industry, no one on the team has ever had a disclosure or client complaint lodged against them.

We seek to understand our clients’ current situation as well as their future needs and goals. Our objective is to ensure our clients are satisfied and on track to meet their investment objectives. We work hard to help our clients achieve investment success.

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